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Q:  Why does my pet shed so much?

A:  There are several reasons why your pet could be shedding excessively.  It could be the type of food you are feeding them. You need to look at the ingredients on the food label.  Most often you do NOT want corn to be one of the top 3 in the list. However very few food companies like “Royal Canin” have quite the science behind their food, where they are able to extract the little bits of nutrients corn does have and only add the nutrients and benefits of corn to their foods. Every dry food needs one kind of starch or another to make the dry food hold together in kibble form, wether it be potato, corn or peas. There are several good quality name brands for equal or even lower prices that could be more nutritional than what you are currently feeding them. Another reason could be allergies, whether it is food or environmental. One thing we recommend is sprinkling sea green powder on their food. This can benefit you dogs health in many ways. They could also be shedding because of the time of year. Certain breeds of dogs have undercoats and shed throughout the year. Depending on the type of coat they have, we recommend the slicker brushes and the furminator. The furminator is an amazing tool that will last a lifetime. You should be brushing your pet regularly in order for their coats to be shiny and mat free and to reduce shedding. Shedding cannot be eliminated. It is the dogs natural way of life.

Q:  Does my Betta fish need a heater or air bubbler?  How much do I feed them? How long do they live?

A:  No your Betta does not need a heater or air bubbler.  They can live in small containers, vases, or aquariums. They are healthier in an environment that has plants but they do not require them. They also like more tropical water temperatures 74- 84 degrees. The warmer your water the more active you fish will be. However you do not want it to warm. As for feeding, their food comes in pellet form. You should try to avoid flakes. With pellet food you only need to feed them 2 or 3 pellets of their food a day no more ! Also a good rule of thumb, if you see their food pellet still floating in the water for a short while after, take it out as it will only rot and pollute your tank. You should Never put 2 males in the same tank.  They will fight to the death. Sometimes you can get away with putting a male betta in with other fish as long as it is a fair sized tank with lots of hiding areas. Most often when there is lots of space for all the fish they will leave each other alone. Bettas have a wide range of life spans, a healthy purchased betta sometimes will live for days, weeks, months or 1, 3 or 6+ years. This all depends on the care of your betta. If your betta only lives a short number of days it is most often because of poor water conditions/care to your betta fish. Water temps/ conditions, and over feeding are all reasons a fish may die. REMEMBER with ANY FISH, it is not just as simple as filling up a bowl of tap water and throwing in the fish. Do your research !

Q:  Can I do anything for my dog’s ears when they are stinky and have brown/black wax?

A:  If your dogs ear has any kind of odour this is a sign of an infection wether it is minor or major. Hair and wax build up and dirt and debris including water from swimming or baths are all things that cause your dogs ear to become breeding grounds for infection. All of theses things prevent the ear from staying dry and having proper air circulation. A dry, clean and well circulated ear will be infection free unless there are further issues, which in that case you should visit your veterinarian. Certain breeds of dogs have long ears that cover the ear canal and air circulation cannot be achieved. Try your best to improve the air circulation,  clearing away heavy hair that holds down the ear can help, you can even try tying there ears up with a hair tie (if they’ll let you)  to help with air flow for a short time. Check on their ears regularly to notice any changes in them.  You may need to seek vet attention if you cannot control this on your own. Ear solutions can be purchased at most pet stores to help with cleaning and disinfecting. Be careful when cleaning your dogs ear, you do not want to cause damage ! Consult a vet or groomer if you are not sure how to go about doing that.

Q:  How do you  get rid of fleas?

A:  This can be a lengthy process at times. Fleas multiply fairly quickly. You can purchase a flea shampoo.  We recommend NEEM by Tropic Clean.  Use this to wash your pet, make sure you always scrub down your pet very well with the shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes or as the bottle directs you to. First start at the ears and bum. Fleas will run to the canals to hide in. Washing your pet (with any shampoo but most often the medicated flea shampoos) gets rid of essential oils on their skin which can cause skin issues if over done. So this is not ideal for daily or frequent bathing. Your pet depending on what kind of animal for instance a dog should try to avoid baths. Once a month at most should you bath your pet. Bathing with fea shampoo will kill any flea on your pet, however it will not prevent fleas from jumping back on the pets body. Wait 24 hours to apply flea drop medication after a bath. Flea drops that you can purchase with your vet or at a pet store will kill fleas as they come in contact. You also need to treat their environment.  If they sleep on a bed or blanket you need to wash that in hot water. If you have carpeting or rugs in the house you should vaccum regularly. Then get rid of the contents of the vaccum immediately. If you are finding a large amount of fleas on your pet and in your home you may need to buy a spray meant for the home and spray the baseboards and carpets. We have a great flea spray here at the store that is 100% natural. You can use it on every surface including your dog and yourself ! It kills all insects and has even been said to help keep away flies from you or your dog. You should be applying a flea drop medication every month during flea season. If the medication is working good then your flea problem should disappear soon enough. Pets can acquire fleas from contact with other animals, or objects like bedding , couches, rugs etc, that were recently exposed to fleas. Fleas are also in the environment, your pet can pick up fleas in your yard. Therefore you are never 100% safe from fleas they can affect any pet. Prevention is the best bet.

Q:  How do I prevent my grass from turning brown from pet urine?

A:  You can purchase a product called Waste Eaze or Slurp n’ Fresh both will do the job and can be found in our store. It is in liquid form and you just simply add it to their drinking water. It will NOT cause them harm. This will also help reduce odour in urine and waste. Another one of its great benefits is that it will help keep your dogs mouth clean and breath smelling good.