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Pond Build summer 2020

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  • Sandy Rankin:

    Hi: I have a small pond, just got up & running a few weeks ago. But did something stupid and left my hose on all night with the goldfish in. They all died, very sad. There’s no fish in there now, but the water is brown for some reason. It cleared up when I added all the water from the hose, but its turning brown again.

    I’m getting about 10 fish next week to go in it. But I want to know why it’s so brown. Plus I want to be able to leave the fish in all winter, so I need advice and probably supplies to keep it running all winter. If you’re ever in Windsor, are you able to come give me info on what I need to purchase for the winterization?
    Thanks so much

    • Sam Fallon:

      Hi there, we have many pond products in our store that can help maintain your pond and help with winterization. Stop by any time and our friendly staff will help you find what you need. If you want Sam to come out and do a consult regarding winterization and maintenance the cost for the consult is $100.00 plus HST.

      Thanks so much

  • Mark Major:

    I need to get a price on pond liners 10’ x 13’ 20 mil and 45 mil as I have a pond/ waterfall I need to get back up and running.

    • Sam Fallon:

      Give the store a call during our regular business hours and they can give you a price on the pond liner you need. Thanks for your business!

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